Research at the Medical Faculty

At the Medical Faculty of Ulm University we focus our research on major questions of our time like aging and age-related diseases as well as trauma research.

University-based medicine means treatment of patients according to the latest scientific findings.


Here you will find the contact persons for research management matters in the Dean's Office of the Medical Faculty.

The Division of Science, Research and International Affairs


The successful conclusion of a research project is reflected in the disclosure of its results. Our articles are being published in numerous high-ranking journals. Here we present you a selection:


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: important scientific problems of our time can only be solved through interdisciplinary cooperation between scientists in networks. Here we present you the programs coordinated by us:


Our Core Facilities

A complemental measure for strengthening the scientific performance is the implementation of core facilities that provide resources for shared cross-institutional use and to external partners


Intramural Research Funding

Young academics are our assets for the future. Therefore we support their research initiatives in manifold ways.

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Your Contact Persons

The Division of Science, Research and International Affairs at the Dean's Office is responsible for research coordination, research strategy and concepts, advice and support for internal and external funding proposals, and international affairs/cooperation. The Research Committee reviews grant proposals in the framework of our intramural research funding programs and develops these programs further. For many other issues, we provide a list with additional contacts.