Prospective Students and Application Procedure

The programme addresses to graduates of Bachelor's programmes in the life sciences. These can be the following Bachelor programmes: Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Physiological Chemistry, Neurobiology, Biopsychology, Human Biology, Molecular Life Sciences or another course of study with essentially the same content at a domestic or foreign university or a degree recognised as equivalent at the level of at least three academic years. Graduates from medical degree programmes (Staatsexamen Humanmedizin) can also apply.

What requirements do applicants have to meet?

  • A Bachelor's degree with a good examination result from one of the above courses. A good examination result means: a Bachelor's degree with an overall grade of 2.9 or better; or if the programme has not yet been completed: all examination results achieved by the application date must have an average grade of 2.9 or better. The examination results must be proven by an up-to-date overview of subjects and grades (Transcript of records).
  • A further prerequisite for admission is proof of sufficient English language skills at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • In addition to the two requirements mentioned above, a selection interview will take place. For successful admission to a study place, applicants must pass the selection interview with an overall grade of 3 or better and none of the individual grades of the selection interview must be lower than 4.
  • How to apply for admission?

    Please fill in and sign the online application form, which you can download within the given deadline (15 March - 15 May).

    Please send your documents (application form and all necessary proofs) to the University of Ulm by 15 May at the latest, printed out and signed in paper form. Attention: The date of the receipt stamp of Ulm University matters! Applicants from abroad are advised to send the documents several weeks in advance by post.

  • Deadlines for applications: The course only starts in the winter semester!

    Applications can be submitted from 15 March to 15 May each year for the following winter semester. The online application is only activated within this period. Applicants send their application documents directly to the admissions department of the University of Ulm.

    Which documents and proofs you have to submit and the address where you'll have to send your application you'll find on the websites of the admissions department of the University of Ulm.

  • Proof of an adequate command of English

    Proof of an adequate command of English at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This proof may be:

    • 7.0 points or more in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS); if the number of points and the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level are given at the same time, the higher language proficiency level will be recognised,
    • First Certificate in English (A), Certificate in Advanced English (A-C) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (A-C) at the Cambridge exam,
    • 490 (listening), 455 (reading), 200 (speaking) and 200 (writing) points or more in the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC),
    • 95 points or more in the Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based (TOEFL iBT),
    • Level III or level IV for UNIcert®,
    • Level CEFR C1 or higher as shown on the higher education entrance qualification. A level of language proficiency shown in parts at CEFR C1 level and lower will not be recognised, or
    • any examination achievement passed at a higher education institution from the field of English language teaching with C1 explicitly shown as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) level, if this is indicated in the transcript of records.
    • This does not apply to applicants whose bachelor’s or first degree programme was taught exclusively in English.
    • Moreover, the applicant can be exempt from proving an adequate level for studies in English in justified exceptional cases. This exemption is decided upon by the head of the Centre for Languages and Philology of Ulm University at the request of the applicant.

Admission Process – Dates

Application period: 15 March – 15 May

Invitation for the selection interview: at the beginning of June

Selection interviews at Ulm University or per Skype: 22 June - 26 June, 2020

Notification of admission (per E-Mail): Mid-July

Deadline for the “Acceptance Letter”: 26 July, 2020