The International E-Learning Association Award

The International E-Learning Awards are given each year for the best work in e-learning, mobile learning, and blended learning, in two divisions:  Academic and Business/Industry. The winner of 2011 in the Blended Learning division is our Master Online Study Program “Advanced Oncology”.

Nominated for the German Award of Continuing Education 2010

The Master Online Study Program Advanced Oncology was among the 5 nominees for the German Award of Continuing Education 2010 (Deutscher Weiterbildungspreis). This is an initiative of the Haus der Technik e.V. (Essen, Germany) to foster social progress by awarding innovative concepts of continuing education and their successful implementation. The application of most modern learning methods and techniques of an online-based study program in the world-wide relevant topic of oncology has convinced the jury to nominate Ulm University’s Master Online Study Program Advanced Oncology for this award.