Tuition fees are being asked for to cover the expenses in running and continuously improving this study program. Ulm University is a nonprofit organization and acknowledged as a charitable organization by the fiscal authorities.

  • Study fee

    The tuition fee is 4,875 € per semester. This includes all costs for the modules, tutorial guidance, online lectures, master thesis and exams.

    Payment is due upon receipt of payment notification which is issued in connection with re-registration for each semester. An agreement on installments is possible.

  • Administrative fee

    An administrative fee of 166,50 € per semester will be charged additionally.

  • Seminar expenses

    Travel, living expenses and accommodation costs during the attendance seminars are not included in the fee. For full board an amount of about 100 € per day should be calculated.

    The study program is intended for the prevention of human capital flight from underserved regions. Ulm University and its partners may provide very few fellowships for the Master Online Program in case of proven neediness. You are strongly encouraged to make arrangements with your local employer for mutual benefit.

German applicants may find it helpful to check the options described by the foundation "Stiftung Warentest".