Application Procedure

The application procedure is divided into 4 steps. First you have to check whether you fullfill the requirements. If you are eligible you can apply via our online application system. After the application deadline the Selection Committee will select the applicants which will be invited to an online interview. This interview is the last step in our application procedure.

  • Step 1: Requirements

    Ulm University awards its limited number of seats in its Master Online Program Advanced Oncology in accordance with the following provisions (see Admissions Statutes (English) or Zulassungssatzung (German) for more details):

    (1a) Proof of a degree from a German or foreign college or university in a medical course of studies (e.g. State examination in medicine) or an equivalent degree at the level of in general four years of studies and at least one year of professional experience in oncology or

    (1b) Proof of a degree from a German or foreign college or university in a course of studies in the natural sciences or an equivalent degree at the level of in general four years of studies or in a course of studies with essentially the same contents at a German or foreign college or university and at least two years of professional experience in oncology, and

    (2) Proof of a sufficient command of the English language. These requirements do not apply to applicants whose native language is English or who have earned at least 10 points in courses conducted in the English language during their previous studies at a college or university.

    (3) Upgrade on the ranking list for occupational experience/practice:

    • At least three years of professional experience related to the course of studies
    • Completion of an additional qualification in oncology (specialist training as a physician or international equivalent, e.g, German Facharztausbildung)
    • Publications, as evidenced by cumulative impact factors  greater than 10
    • At least one year of relevant occupational experience in a foreign country
    • Leadership experience (chair of department, oncology practice/center or research group)
    • Third party funds raised independently, as evidenced by explicit mentioning of the applicant in the approval notice
  • Step 2: Online Application

    Applications will be accepted only via the online application system. Please answer all required questions and provide us with the necessary documents. The application portal is available between December 1 and April 15.

  • Step 3: Selection Procedure

    The applicants, who will be invited to an online video call, will be selected by the Admissions and Selection Committee. This committee ensures that admission requirements are fulfilled. Ranking of candidates is according to primary academic achievements (BSc, MD). Bonus points (deduction of 0.1 of the final examination mark) can be achieved according to the criteria specified in the Admission Statutes. The number of online video call invitations (40) is limited to the double of the maximum number of seats in the program.

  • Step 4: Online Video Interview via Skype

    The interviews will take place in the end of June and at the beginning of July. Applicants selected will be invited about two weeks before. All dates will be scheduled in Central European Summer Time (CEST). In 2019 the interviews will be held on: 6., 7., 24., 27. and 28. June and on 1. July.

    Kindly provide us with your Skype-ID and Skype Name. Additionally, please share a telephone number with us, on which you are available during the call in case the Skype connection fails.

    Skype Installation and Test
    If you have not yet used Skype, please follow the link for a free download and support: Due to the fact that it will be a video call, be prepared with webcam, microphone and speakers (respectively headset). We offer the possibility for a test call. Kindly contact Mr. Sebastian Dannenberg for an appointment. We strongly encourage you to make use of this opportunity since this is the only test to estimate the feasibility of your internet connection concerning your participation in this program.

    Self Introduction

    Please use the ppt template to prepare a short one-slide introduction of yourself (name, age, current position, research focus, motivation for the study program, planned master thesis title) aforehead. Kindly restrict yourself to one page.

    Online Video Interview

    Log into Skype and await our call ten minutes before your interview.

    Each video interview is conducted in English by a Selection Committee. The key aspects of occupational practice, expertise in oncology, additional qualifications as well as motivation for the study program will be discussed and evaluated. Additional qualifications may be: relevant stays abroad, internships or advanced training. The evaluation also includes conduct during the interview with regard to manner of expression, command of the English language, the applicant's approach to solving problems and conclusiveness of argumentation.

    The interview usually lasts between 10-15 min.

    Interview Follow-up
    All applicants will be ranked according to their performance during the interview. The candidates ranked 1-20 will be notified of their selection within a three weeks' notice. All other candidates join a shortlist. They will be offered a seat if a higher ranked applicant withdrew from the program, e.g. due to financial issues.

Tuition fees are being asked for to cover the expenses in running and continuously improving this study program. Ulm University is a nonprofit organization and acknowledged as a charitable organization by the fiscal authorities.

  • Tuition and Fees

    Study Fee
    The tuition fee is 4,875 € per semester. This includes all costs for the modules, tutorial guidance, online lectures, master thesis and exams. Payment is due upon receipt of payment notification which is issued in connection with re-registration for each semester. An agreement on installments is possible.

    Administrative fee
    An administrative fee of 166,50 € per semester will be charged additionally.

    Seminar expenses

    Travel, living expenses and accommodation costs during the attendance seminars are not included in the fee. For full board an amount of about 100 € per day should be calculated. The study program is intended for the prevention of human capital flight from underserved regions. Ulm University and its partners may provide one (or max. two) fellowship(s) for the Master Online Program in case of proven neediness. You are strongly encouraged to make arrangements with your local employer for mutual benefit.