Blaise Nkegoum, pathologist – Cameroon

I think cancer is becoming more frequent, and I would like to develop my research in this topic because cancer will kill many people in developing countries, including my country. So I think I have many things to do in this area.


Lona Gaugler, scientist – Switzerland

I joined the program because I think I have a strong molecular scientific background in oncology and  it´s a field that interests me a lot. But obviously there is the clinical aspect that needs to come into play. Currently, I work in the pharmaceutical industry, so I work with many people from the clinics. It´s really important for me to get the view of the whole topic of cancer. I´m very grateful to be surrounded by all these people who have so much more experience than I do in that topic.

Zeinab Elsayed, radiotherapist – Egypt

I found every aspect I need to modify my knowledge to date. I finished my MD 10 years ago, and this program covers areas like management and clinical research which are beneficial for my work.


Sergiu Brenister, surgeon – Moldova

I mostly enjoyed the course on molecular biology, because it really shows the direction of correct treatment of patients.